On-Prem to Web-Based Migration

The goal of the client, a healthcare system that offers pharmacy benefits management services, was to move away from its iconic prescription management legacy-based application to a web-based application called Med-Web to enable technology competency.

Project Details

  • Migrate on-prem Med-Web application to browser-driven web-based application to decouple vendor from software & hardware dependencies
  • Design & develop a core functionality & front-end for screens related to benefits, member switch, claims, & member restrictions
  • Design & create various data converters & valuators in the web component layer for masking functionalities for HIPAA
  • Manage ongoing security support: create user accounts & set up user rights on web applications

Business Outcomes

  • The web-based application successfully decoupled users from maintaining local Med-Web software copies on their system; instead, users can connect to a centralized browser-driven application