Supply Chain Digital Transformation

The goal of our client, a Fortune 400 sports and footwear retailer, was to digitally transform and consolidate their entire supply chain providing end-to-end visibility, inventory optimization, and organize, sequence, and synchronize all warehouse materials.

Project Details

  • Identified specific pain points in the current supply chain, point of sale (POS) & inventory processes
  • Consolidated process for inventory optimization (from many disparate steps down to a clean, efficient process)
  • Organized, sequenced & synchronized Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Corrected gaps in ordering process & overhauled payment processing system
  • Turned all retail locations into shipping centers by creating real-time coordination of the POS & inventory systems

Business Outcomes

  • Reduced inventory holding costs while improving inventory stocking & turns, & creating quicker & less expensive customer shipping options
  • Personalize customers’ web experience & sent real-time text deals to attract them to nearby locations
  • 2021 revenue increased 19% to $9 billion