Cloud Migration

The goal of our client, a Fortune 150 cloud-based software application provider, was to perform a complete migration of Teradata located in an on-premise data center to Snowflake in an AWS cloud instance.

Project Details

  • Self-service environment allowing users to bring their own data for analytical & reporting purposes
  • Write back capability to increase data governance posture & visibility of data lineage
  • A new CDC model making use of Snowflake Stream & tasks for Type 2 Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) (mainly to capture & track deleted records)
  • Column-level (data masking) & row-level security
  • Reporting Tableau dashboards for monitoring compute cost, storage usage, long-running queries, RBAC structure & SSE object creation

Business Outcomes

  • New environment reduced IT resourcing, storage & compute costs
  • Increased data governance, security & visibility of data lineage
  • Data masking allows for the ease of new user bulk onboarding
  • Detailed reporting allows for cost reductions utilizing available usage from different Snowflake accounts