Transforming Business Operation through Cloud Migration for a Healthcare Technology Company

Client Overview

Our client is a leading healthtech service provider based in the United States – with a special focus on medication access. Their main goal is to connect patients with the right medication sources, so they host an extensive repository of patients’ and allied health professionals’ data.

They use electronic prior authorization (ePA) mechanisms to verify patient prescriptions and deliver them post-verification to facilitate this process. To ensure that their current platform is free to use, they partner with pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers, and insurance companies to fund and enable these access programs.

Collaboration Goals

The main goal of our collaboration was to help our client transform their existing data infrastructure to create a more purpose-built data platform.

Here are a few objectives we had to fulfill:

  • Migrate their existing data infrastructure to Azure Cloud
  • Remove any redundancies in their current system and tighten up their infrastructure to enable smooth functioning
  • Optimize the costs of using Azure services while aligning with their business objectives
  • Improve the security and compliance standards of their infrastructure to ensure better protection of patient and provider data
  • Educate and train their in-house team on how to use the new tools and systems for better business productivity
  • Ensure that the business transformation project is done keeping future needs in mind

Why Swoon Consulting

Swoon Consulting has experience not only in the data analytics space but is also equipped with deep talent resources. We have a range of consultants adept at varying technologies—with deep domain expertise across the entire data stack. For this reason, they were confident in our abilities to help them migrate to the cloud. Moreover, Swoon Consulting has extensive experience handling successful cloud migration and digital transformation projects. We had demonstrated our capabilities previously when it came to owning technical strategy right from design through successful delivery—with respect to Azure Cloud migration.

How Swoon Consulting Helped

As our client was planning a large data migration project to support the growing needs of their company, they needed a partner to guide them through it. 

Our first step was to understand our client’s goals and how external support could help them achieve these goals. While their primary need was to create a purpose-built data platform, they also needed additional technical support and subject matter expertise to build it.  Our goal was to create a data platform that reduces their on-prem load, provides extended functionality, and is easy to maintain.

Knowing they had to migrate to the cloud, they had already tried and tested the lift and shift approach. But, it turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt, given the depth of their operations.

Drawing on this experience, we provided the client with a consulting approach and a team with expertise in handling complex Azure Cloud migration projects for a diverse set of clients.

Within two weeks, we finalized a project team and mapped out three project phases:

  • Taking historical data out of their on-prem footprint and migrating to the cloud
  • Building a data center for new sets of data
  • Analyzing what needs to be rebuilt

Project Outcomes

After examining our client’s unique business requirements, we devised a migration roadmap and recommendations list that would best support them. Bringing Swoon Consulting’s technical expertise into play, we were able to help them transform to Azure Cloud.

Moreover, we also helped them do the following:

  • Incorporate SQL, Postgres, Data Lakes, and Data Factory in their cloud infrastructure
  • Helped them design and build a new multi-cluster BI platform using Tableau
  • Helped them with their Kubernetes expansion
  • Performed a cost analysis for the Azure Cloud platform to optimize potential inefficient spending
  • Set up a new set of security standards for the infrastructure—critical to their operations as they store patient health information (PHI) and are required to be compliant
  • Created a set of recommendations for Cloud foundations and installed automation for future deployments
  • Trained their entire staff on best practices of cloud usage and troubleshooting as needed

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