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Taking Risks and Futureproofing with a Nonlinear Career Path – Part 1

Success does not have to follow a logical and predictive path for career progression. Instead, our skill sets, strengths, and goals are continually evolving, which can lead us down new paths in all aspects of our lives, including our careers. During this discussion, Bianca Pryor, VP at BET, and Quyen Pham, VP at Swoon Consulting, talk about futureproofing yourself.

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Five Impactful Lessons for Female Leaders in All Stages of Work

“85 women are promoted to manager positions for every 100 men promoted” (McKinsey). So how do we work to close that gap? What do aspiring women leaders need to hear from women that came before them? After talking to notable women leaders in various industries, Quyen Pham, VP at Swoon Consulting, has some ideas about the topic.

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Change the Way Data Runs Your Business

An alarming 85% of big data projects fail* – but they don’t have to. 

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